Common Signs of a Broken Heater

Here Are Some Common Signs To Look Out For!

Picture this: it’s a chilly winter morning, and you’re ready to turn your heat on. However, the minute you raise the temperature on the thermostat, your heating unit seems to do the complete opposite of your expectations. Of course, it’s possible that your heater could be broken, but before you diagnose your unit indefinitely, there are some common signs to look for.

No Heat

The first sign might be the most obvious: there’s no trace of heat. Of course, give your unit a few minutes to heat up — but if 10 minutes have passed and your home is still as cold as an ice cube, then there’s a high possibility that your heater is broken.

Certainly, your heater not working doesn’t always have to mean a costly repair. Many times, the reason a heater isn’t working correctly is due to the temperature setting on your thermostat; double check your settings to ensure it’s on the correct adjustment to heat your home.

High Bills

Another common sign of a broken heater is that your monthly utility bills will be astronomically high. There is the chance that you could have used more heat in the previous month, but that still wouldn’t be the reason your bill rises so much in such a short of time. Typically, a heating bill will skyrocket when a heater is on its last limb since it has to work twice as hard to get the job done. This will cause an excessive amount of unnecessary energy usage, which will drive those numbers even higher.

One of the best ways to scout a price difference is to compare your current and past billing statements. Keep in mind the season and possibilities of why you could have used your heating a tad bit more. Certainly, if the numbers don’t add up, then it would be wise to contact your local gas/oil company to see if there was a substantial increase in the price of their product within the past few months. However, if nothing monetary has changed, then call Aqua Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Services Inc. as soon as possible to repair your broken heating unit.

Strange Noises

Did you hear that? You know, that unsettling bump in the night? Even though it’s not a monster, it could be the early sounds of a failing heating unit. A heater will make some minor noises when the heat is rising through the vents, but your unit shouldn’t sound like a rock concert ready to rumble. If that’s the case, then it could be a potential danger, since there may be a loose part or two moving around in your furnace — which could lead to a fire, in the worst-case scenario.

Even if your heater seems to be functioning correctly throughout the soundtrack, it’s always wise to have your furnace looked at to avoid any potential dangers that might come your way. Just remember: the earlier that you have a problem inspected, the more you’ll avoid being in harm’s way. Additionally, fixing any early issues will also help keep your furnace in tip-top shape, helping it run efficiently all season long.

50/50 Heat

When your heater is turned on, do you feel as if there’s an uneven distribution of warmth in your home? If that’s the case, then we have some bad news for you: your heater needs to be repaired. A heating unit should evenly distribute heat around your home — but sometimes that’s just a dream if your heater has seen better days. Maybe a vent was shut by accident — but, if you reopened your vents and the heat is still lacking, then it’s time to schedule your repair with our team.

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