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Candace Corra
Candace Corra 5.0

Furnace vibrated on start up. Problem was identified and fixed within minutes. Timely and professional. Very pleased.

Jessie Herman
Jessie Herman 1.0

I called them to come out and fix a leak under the kitchen sink and also told them I need someone to come out the next day 12/23 and because the repair took place in a condo I need to have them send me a photo of the plumbers commercial license as ...required by the HOA. They didn't come out on the 23. And when I called and they told me we could be next on the 24th.. and I reminded them that I still need them to text me a photo of the plumber's commercial license not only did I not get the photo, but they never showed. No phone call or explanation as to why they were not coming. I can only assume that their plumber are not licensed.Read More...

Stephen Hodson
Stephen Hodson 5.0
Aleksandar Kuzmanovic
Aleksandar Kuzmanovic 5.0
Don Young
Don Young 5.0
Ahmed Abduljabbar
Ahmed Abduljabbar 5.0
Leon Roth
Leon Roth 5.0
Jack Mostow
Jack Mostow 5.0

Opened sticky shutoff valve so I didn’t have to replace it after all.

Dilma Richardson
Dilma Richardson 5.0
Hans Castro
Hans Castro 5.0

Joey Nat from Aqua Plumbing and and Heating provided us with an in depth description of the issue and provided several options for us. He spent time diagnosing the issue and and he gave us his honest opinion on what our best option is. I would definitely ...call Aqua Plumbing and Heating the next time I need their service. I highly recommend Aqua Plumbing and Heating to everyone. I give them 5 stars for their excellent service.Read More...