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Carlos Orjuela
Carlos Orjuela 5.0

Edgar did a great job, very honest with the cost of the repair.

Vincent Barzcz
Vincent Barzcz 5.0

Anne Buxton
Anne Buxton 5.0

Raj Mehta
Raj Mehta 5.0

Very professional. Highly recommended!

Lancy Ommen
Lancy Ommen 5.0

Benjamin Rodriguez
Benjamin Rodriguez 4.0

Steve Roth
Steve Roth 5.0

Luke was outstanding. We are very pleased!

Tobyn Friar
Tobyn Friar 5.0

We had old galvanized pipes that needed to be replaced and got a couple of quotes for the job.Aqua Plumbing was very reasonable, responsive, and extremely professional. Ryan did an awesome job by himself, removing all the old pipes and navigating twists ...and turns while installing new copper. Job was completed in a day and looks great. Thanks, Ryan!Read More...

Robert Rosenberg
Robert Rosenberg 5.0

Lee fixed our problem in two minutes.

Dino Meo
Dino Meo 5.0

Lee, did a great job. Very knowledgeable, and answered all questions. Cooling was restored within 30 min.

Jerome Austriaco
Jerome Austriaco 5.0

Very professional and responsive. James, Lee and Luke have done a great job at our house, and their dispatcher Joe, has always tried to accommodate our schedule. Kudos to owner, Jim DeMeo, on his service-oriented approach!!!

Sally Pinckney
Sally Pinckney 5.0

Teresa Sughero
Teresa Sughero 5.0

Sun Power
Sun Power 4.0

Michael Conroy
Michael Conroy 5.0

Bo Bohannon
Bo Bohannon 5.0

Jimmie D
Jimmie D 5.0

Joseph Riley
Joseph Riley 5.0

Dolores Aleman-Ogburn
Dolores Aleman-Ogburn 4.0

The only reason I gave them a 4 star was because they could not fix our A/C, and a replacement was way to expensive.

Ryan Hiatt
Ryan Hiatt 5.0

Very nice and informational.

Rich Berggreen
Rich Berggreen 5.0

wesley jurczak
wesley jurczak 5.0

Arnold Libot
Arnold Libot 5.0

John Coursey
John Coursey 5.0

Aqua plumbing and Cole Hagstrom gave us an honest and professional assessment of our sump pump pit “problem”. We will most certainly contact Aqua again should a problem arise.

John Gregg
John Gregg 5.0

Anthony was the tech. He did a thorough job and his verbal report to me was detailed. He worked well with us to keep us informed when he was going to be at our home.

Dennis Nowicki
Dennis Nowicki 5.0

Ryan was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He was on time, wore a mask and took all the social distancing precautions We love Aqua Plumbing.

Jain Simmons
Jain Simmons 4.0

Cole gave us an evaluation of our plumbing repair needs, prepared an estimate, emailed the estimate. We appreciate his professionalism and his attention to COVID-19 STAY SAFE Protocol.

John Mochocki
John Mochocki 5.0

Ron Mroz
Ron Mroz 4.0

Luke and Brian stopped by to provide a work estimate. Professional. I'm not a plumber, took the time to explain their solutions and answered my questions on the project. Thanks.

Ira Finkelstein
Ira Finkelstein 5.0

Luke was great about understanding my issues, diagnosing the problem, and proposing a solution that worked with the other repairs I am having done. Price was totally reasonable.

Sean Duffy
Sean Duffy 5.0


elda yury
elda yury 5.0

Michael Humphries-Dolnick
Michael Humphries-Dolnick 5.0

Very professional

Steve Meyer
Steve Meyer 5.0

Aqua plumbers are top notch, professional, knowledgeable and reliable! They installed our flood control in three days, amazing! Edgar was in charge of the dig and he had our complete confidence from the minute he arrived on scene. It's important also to ...be as personable and courteous to customers, as it is to be great at at your job, which he and all the aqua members were. I would like to mention Brian, Cole, Joe and Hugo. You guys are great. Thank you!Read More...

Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson 5.0

I've been using them for heating and plumbing for a bit now and have yet to have a bad experience. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

nadir kanja
nadir kanja 5.0

Greg Nielson
Greg Nielson 5.0

Stacey Verne
Stacey Verne 5.0

Kristhine Fidel
Kristhine Fidel 5.0

We were given all are options and were thoroughly explained to us

James Ryan
James Ryan 5.0

Lee is a role model for technicians! He is very experienced and good at explaining what's going on in terms that the average person can understand. He is calm and has a friendly demeanor.

Sheryl Nussbaum
Sheryl Nussbaum 5.0

Luke and his assistant were extremely courteous, knowledgeable and personable. I would recommend them highly!!

Kristen Halpin, CMP
Kristen Halpin, CMP 5.0

blythe mcgarvie
blythe mcgarvie 5.0

Danuta Pilat
Danuta Pilat 5.0

gina maestranzi
gina maestranzi 5.0

Extremely great group of guys and an awesome company .....very highly recommend!!!!!!

Rachel Kellison
Rachel Kellison 5.0

Always professional and helpful. Don't overcharge or suggest unnecessary fixes/add-ons. Friendly. Have used them many times, for plumbing and A/C Highly recommend

Jim Pastor
Jim Pastor 5.0

Joanne Glazer Weiss
Joanne Glazer Weiss 5.0

I'm very happy with Aqua Plumbing, and with Cole, Brian, and Joe in the dispatch dept. You have been wonderful to work with and were very helpful when we desperately needed plumbing help. Thank You.

Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller 5.0

Luke was very professional. He explained the procedures they were doing and answered all of my questions. He and his partner were extremely polite and efficient. I was very happy that a plumber was able to come within one or two days of calling the ...company.Read More...

Dennis Flanagan
Dennis Flanagan 5.0

Katherine Fasullo
Katherine Fasullo 5.0

jfqnd96 5.0

Cole and Brian helped my 101 y/o grandmother the night of a really big, all-day storm. A pipe burst and water was coming into her basement. Within two hours they showed up, made the fix, and all was well for a reasonable price. Grateful!

Donna Thompson-Perkowski
Donna Thompson-Perkowski 5.0

Thomas Woodworth
Thomas Woodworth 5.0

It was clear from the start that Luke both knew well what my need was, and what options he ought to present. I felt they appreciated that my need here was sudden, and they focused on getting me past the situation. A new toilet needed to be installed, ...and Luke, and the apprentice accompanying him, set about this task and finished it in what seemed like a short time. Luke seemed to be making the most of the opportunity to teach. I could tell they were striving to work together, and a warm and friendly approach to it all was present between them, and in both toward me. They, as well, were willing to chat a bit afterward. This was a big job, and unexpected for me, but their approach to the whole process, pricing to billing, was always helpful.Read More...

feras klisli
feras klisli 5.0

Tapan Dave
Tapan Dave 5.0

Lee explain me in detail about issue and what will take to fix it!! I’ll definitely use them again.

Pamela Cohen
Pamela Cohen 5.0

kevin zagroba
kevin zagroba 5.0

Anton Melnikov
Anton Melnikov 5.0

Paul Sanders
Paul Sanders 5.0

Karen C
Karen C 5.0

Edgar and his partner were super courteous and knowledgeable. I needed a new water heater installed, and they explained what my options were and the end result looked great. This is my second time getting help from Aqua, and I feel I can really trust ...them.Read More...

Tamara Friedman
Tamara Friedman 5.0

Jason Matusiak
Jason Matusiak 5.0

Edgar was great—polite, knowledgeable, and did great work. I. Would definitely recommend Aqua Plumbing to all.

Caroline Moore
Caroline Moore 5.0

Edgar is the best, responsive, thorough, polite, professional and fixed our issue, THANKS AGAIN!

Caesar Vitale
Caesar Vitale 5.0

Edgar was very helpful and competent.

Emily Pittinger
Emily Pittinger 5.0

As always they did a great job! It is always such a pleasure to work with company and their team.

Art Sifuentes
Art Sifuentes 5.0

sigmar sobczak
sigmar sobczak 5.0

Discovered a pipe leak late in the afternoon. Called Aqua Plumbing because they had such great customer ratings and Joe said he would send someone out shortly. Jim came within the hour and was able to add new sections of pipe from where the old copper ...pipe had corroded. Really appreciated the quick response, and Jim's personable and efficient service. He also took the time to explain about and send to our email more Aqua services and pricing for our other pipe and sump pump concerns. Would definitely recommend Aqua Plumbing in Niles, and would not hesitate to call them in the future.Read More...

Phil Mistrata
Phil Mistrata 5.0

Great crew, alwyas deliver when in need and always treat you fair

ben mcginn
ben mcginn 5.0

Mary Jane DE Shon
Mary Jane DE Shon 5.0

Luke was professional and pleasant. He thoroughly checked and then diagnosed the issue with our toilet and fixed it in a jiffy. An excellent job! Aqua Plumbing is our go to plumber!

Julie McMillin
Julie McMillin 5.0

We'll admit we tried and failed to DIY our dishwasher installation. Luke arrived within 24 hours (and 30 minutes earlier than expected) and fixed everything in less than an hour! He's a wizard!

Madame Xish
Madame Xish 4.0

Nice job cleaning the AC units

Paul Gonley
Paul Gonley 5.0

Had water backing into house through tub and spent the night using a wet-dry vac to get rid of it. Sent a distress call to several plumbers who called in the morning, but Jim from Aqua addressed all my concerns about upfront pricing and social ...distancing. Luke arrived and quickly identified the cause, provided a quote and addressed the root cause... it was literally roots in the serwer line. I'm very happy with the service and professionalism.Read More...

Chris.seunghwan Lee
Chris.seunghwan Lee 5.0

I've called to Aqua on Sunday afternoon around 5pm for helping water back from toilet during shower at 2nd Floor / laundery at 1st Floor when there were lots of water flushing. James with the crew, Chris came to help us around 9pm on Sunday night. ...they've worked so hard to solve our issue until 12:30am. I really appreciated what they made tonight and I strongly recommend you to call Aqua Plumbing Heating & Cooling Sevice for any issues since they sent almost real time txt message , updated email about what they did and most of all very good estimate. I will consider to call them to get some more their services. Thanks again James, Chris and Aqua team for this hard working.Read More...

Jeffrey Jones
Jeffrey Jones 5.0

Kathy Wipf
Kathy Wipf 5.0

Did our air conditioning check and was very thorough and well done.

Cleveland Hemphill
Cleveland Hemphill 5.0

James did an excellent job. He was neat and thoroughly explained how new equipment works after install.

Anthony7250 5.0

J.J. Saul
J.J. Saul 5.0

William Byrne
William Byrne 4.0

Kenny Kim
Kenny Kim 5.0

My plumber Luke was punctual, professional, knowledgeable and just a great guy. He finished everything earlier than promised but didn’t compromise quality. I highly recommend them.

Vladimir Desh
Vladimir Desh 5.0

Michael Petersen
Michael Petersen 5.0

Luke Moretti serviced our clogged kitchen sink and could not have been more knowledgeable or professional. He did a great job of evaluating the problem, solving our issue and he gave us insightful information that we can us to proactively avoid this ...situation in the future. We were very pleased and highly recommend Aqua Plumbing and especially Luke Moretti.Read More...

Paula 5.0

They gave me the options available, checked to see if issue was under warranty even though it wasn't purchased through them. They are very knowledgable and very nice to work with. Would highly recommend.

Nancy Okamura
Nancy Okamura 5.0

Luke was very professional.

Ricky Ricardo
Ricky Ricardo 5.0

Aqua plumbing is a top notch A-1 company. With a great group of guys that are always punctual, extremely thorough and professional. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!

Paul Nowicki
Paul Nowicki 5.0

Antonette Aguayo
Antonette Aguayo 5.0

Great job ! On time and very professional.

Andrea M
Andrea M 5.0

John Comeau
John Comeau 5.0

Todd Siegal
Todd Siegal 5.0

Hoy McConnell
Hoy McConnell 5.0

Our experience with Aqua Plumbing is always excellent. Today James arrived on time, explained what needed to be done and did it quickly and professionally. He left estimates for additional work that might be needed and explained why. We value this ...service very much.Read More...

Carmen Olalde
Carmen Olalde 4.0

Our tech Lee has always been great at explaining what needs to be done. We have never had to call them to come back twice for the same issue. I will say that they are very pricey.

David Basile
David Basile 5.0

Cole was extremely helpful, professional and courteous. He gave us great advice and the best price. Nice guy!!

Lynn Hagele
Lynn Hagele 5.0

Cole was very professional, friendly and gave good advice. He fix the problem instantly. I was very happy with his work. My toilet overflowed and he solved the problem and gave me suggestions for purchasing a new toilet in the future. I would definitely ...call Aqua plumbing in the future.Read More...

Taha Ahmedabadi
Taha Ahmedabadi 5.0

Kamran Husain
Kamran Husain 5.0

Joe was excellent. Very knowledgeable, great service.

Jason Danek
Jason Danek 5.0

Completed the job within two hours of call. In and out